Non-NHS Medical Fees

The Government’s contract with GPs covers medical services to NHS patients but not non-NHS work. This Non-NHS work falls outside the scope of the GMS contract.

This Non-NHS work is usually time taken to complete forms or reports or letters for other organisations on behalf of the patient, therefore, there is a fee payable. If a patient requires the GP to carry out a medical exam and complete a form (Taxi/HGV) that should be booked outside dedicated NHS hours and is classed as Private Non-NHS work.

The decision to book the appointment will be decided by the GP and will not conflict with NHS dedicated time. Please check with our reception team before booking a private medical exam.

Summary of charges for non-NHS work

A signed consent form by the patient is required for release of any personal information. Appointments for these services are at the doctor’s discretion. Charges may vary depending on length and detail required in the report, all charges are in line with current BMA guidelines. Excess or multiple requests may incur additional fees.

Simple forms

  • Letter to assist with housing or homelessness if on benefits etc– Free
  • Private sick note– £35
  • Printout of vaccination record– Free
  • Fitness to exercise/ join diet programme– £35
  • Freedom from infection certificate– £35
  • Private prescription (including prescription for malaria tabs)– £18
  • Letter for travel regarding carrying medication– £30
  • Shotgun license fee (if two are from same family £25 each) – £50

More complex forms and letters

  • To whom it may concern letters– £30
  • Proof of Registration Letters (individual charge)– £30
  • Proof of Registration Letters for entire family (separate letters)– £45
  • Travel Insurance cancellation & accident claim forms (including school fee claims)– £50
  • Fitness to travel report or fitness to fly– £30
  • Insurance Claims (loan repayment or income protection)– £50

Medical Examinations and Reports

  • Private consultation with Doctor– £50 per 15 min Appointment
  • Private consultation with Practice Manager to view Medical Records– £10 per hour
  • Patient Summary print out or partial record or full record (patient consent required)– Free
  • Various Forms for completion (patient consent required)– Variable cost – payable by Insurance or Solicitor
  • Insurance Reports (initial application) (incl.IGPR)– £104 – payable by company
  • Insurance Reports further information (incl.IGPR)– £27 – payable by company
  • Report no examination (20 mins) non insurance– £89.50 – payable by company
  • Report no examination (30 mins) non insurance– £133 – payable by company
  • HGV, PSV, Taxi medical– £120
  • Ofsted Childminder Health Completion of form– £91
  • Full medical examination (45 mins) plus report and printouts– £148-£169 – payable by company

Further costs may be incurred if work extends beyond the consultation.