Contact us online with Anima

At Parkside Family practice we are trying to improve patient quality and care. Our new Anima is now available to Patients at Parkside Family Practice:

What is Anima?

Anima is the new fastest way to get the care you need.
Anima is our new online service which helps you access help and advice you need at the right time, in the right place, with the right clinician.

We would encourage all patients who can use Anima to do so, as this will help you to avoid the telephone queue and free up our lines for patients who do not have internet access.

By completing an Anima request yourself will provide you with more privacy as you will not need to share your medical problem with one of our receptionists.

Why do we think Anima is a good choice for our patients?

Here are some of the benefits:

  • Easy and simple for patients to use.
  • All multiple-choice questions and no lengthy free text.
  • Allows patients to track their request.
  • Patients can be sent a link to the most appropriate appointment.
  • Patients with certain medical conditions can directly book most appropriate appointment without having to be triaged by the Parkside Family Practice team.

How it works

If you have a healthcare concern or need to contact the Practice for any medical or admin reason, click on the Anima option and follow the instructions. Fill out the online form, which asks multiple choice questions, similar to those a clinician would ask during an appointment. Anima requests are then reviewed and processed deciding on the right care for you.

We will respond to every Anima request by the end of the next working day

Please see link to a video below of how to submit an Anima request: Anima Video

How to login to Anima

Anima does require a login, however, you can use your NHS login if you have one already or have registered and use the NHS app. The advantages of having a log in allows the patient to check their request, see the status and will allow us to send more confidential information in response if needed. Anima will also send you a text message and an email to tell you that we have responded so you can log in to see the response.


We encourage you to register for Anima, so you are ready to go when you need it by following the link:

Follow the link for more instructions on how to set up an account:

What about my data?

Anima has been approved by NHS Digital to be used by your GP Practice and the other systems involved in your care. The NHS has a lengthy assurance process to make sure we meet the highest standards of safety and security. Your data is safe and is shared only with your GP Practice for the purposes of your direct care. Your data is stored and sent securely using industry best practices, and we only collect the data that is necessary to allow your GP Practice to provide you with care.

For more information please visit our Privacy Statement.