Safety Measures – COVID-19

Dear patients,

If you are attending our surgery for an appointment please be aware we have new safety measures in place due to the coronovirus outbreak. Our clinical staff and reception will attend to you with full ppe.

Please do not enter our premises if you have a cough, cold or have a temperature.
As per government guidelines please cover your face with a mask or scarf prior to entering our building.

If you are queuing up either inside or outside please adhere to the 2 metre rule. And keep your conversation to a minimum.

If you are outside please move away from the intercom safely so other patients can talk to the receptionist, always maintaining a safe distance.

Please do not bring any additional members of your family to an appointment. Especially vulnerable people.

Doctors appointments will be by telephone initially. The doctor will then arrange a face to face appointment if it is absolutely necessary. Please make sure we have your correct contact details when arranging this with our reception team.

Please do ring in or email us if you have any specific queries. We thank you for your patience. Please keep safe.

Thank you.