Do you think you might benefit from practicing mindfulness?

Mindfulness helps us to work with our mind and has shown to be effective in supporting us to relieve stress, anxiety, low mood, chronic pain stress, and help us engage in our daily lives to support our health and wellbeing.

Parkside Family Practice, Woodley Centre Surgery and The Wargrave Surgery and is pleased to be able to offer a limited number of spaces on this NHS supported course running bi-weekly on Wednesday evenings from 29th March.

If you think you can make all the sessions (see below) and may benefit from Mindfulness, do email us at to apply for a space!

 Start date: Bi-weekly, from Wednesday 29th March

Time: 6pm – 7.30pm (90 minutes)

Individual time: typically, 15-25 mins per day, 5 times per week

Where: Parkside Family Practice, 6 Headley Road, Woodley, RG5 4JA

Cost: the course fees are paid by the NHS

 All sessions:

• Session 1, 29th Mar – Running on autopilot

• Session 2, 12th Apr – Living in our heads

• Session 3, 26th Apr – Gathering the scattered mind

• Session 4, 10th May– Recognising aversion

• Session 5, 24th May – The odd thing about ‘allowing’

• Session 6, 7th Jun – A thinking exposé

• Session 7, 21st Jun – A time to dance?

• Session 8, 5th Jul – The present in the future