Nursing Team

Marcia Douglas – Nurse (f)
(Full time at both sites) A Registered nurse who qualified in 1986.

We are delighted to have Marcia with us. A dedicated and efficient nurse with many years of experience. She joined our practice in 2017 and she is the nurse team manager. she is an experienced nurse and specialises in Diabetic management as well as Asthma and complex woundcare management as well as other aspects of the nursing area.

Chantelle Lethbridge – Nurse (f)
(Full time at both sites)

Chantelle joined our nurses team in July 2018, and is a very efficient member of staff. She as well as all nursing areas she specialises in treating patient who have diabetes, asthma and complex woundcare management.

Healthcare Assistants

Julie Elliott (f)
(Full time at Both sites)

Julie is currently new to the role. She has been at our practice for a few years so is already a valued member of staff. She is very adept at taking bloods and she can also carry out ECGs, NHS Health Checks, and pre-diabetic health checks. She is currently training in all other aspects of being an Healthcare Assistant and we are sure she will be an asset to the Nursing team.

Lynne Atherfold (f)
(Part-time at both sites)

We welcome Lynne back to Parkside. She is an experienced Healthcare Assistant and carries out Phlebotomy, Pre-Diabetes management, ECG and BP monitoring she can also carry out primary wound care.

Janeth Burton (f) 
(Part time at Both sites)

Janeth is currently under training at the moment, she is keen on learning all aspects of the health care role.