How To Request An Appointment

Routine Appointments

These can be booked up to 6 weeks in advance. You will be seen by a clinician such as a Nurse or Healthcare Assistant.

Routine appointments are classed as:

  • Blood Tests – only if requested by your GP or hospital
  • Blood Pressure Check
  • Cervical Screening – only if you have received a letter by NHS England Screening Service, asking you to book an appointment with your GP for a smear or if your GP has specifically requested you have one
  • Part 1 Medical Review  – only if your annual review is due and you have been asked to book one by a GP

Please continue to book online.

Non Routine Appointments

These are classed as urgent, new and acute problems. Problem’s that cannot wait for a routine appointment. You need to be seen on that day by a GP or a Physician.

Please check that you’re problem is not an emergency prior to booking a Non routine appointment.

For all non-routine appointments you will need to ring in to the surgery. And our receptionists will try and accommodate you. Patients tend to ring in early in the day to book one of these appointments.

Please call 0118 9260026 to book your urgent appointment.